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Rio Olympic Games Host Cities 2016 | Summer Olympics 2016 Host Cities Map

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896 in Athens. The Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics are each held every four years, hosted in various cities around the world. The Summer and Winter Olympics are offset by two years, so there are Olympic games every two years. 
Past Olympic host cities include Athens, Paris, London, Moscow, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, and Rome. Several cities have hosted multiple Olympics, including Athens, Paris, Los Angeles, Lake Placid (USA), Innsbruck, and St. Moritz. In 2012, London became the first city to host the Olympics for the third time, first in 1908 and again in 1948. 

Olympic host cities are chosen through a long process of bids and ballots. Representatives from the cities apply and then present their cases for becoming the next Olympic host city. The short listed cities lobby for votes among the member nations of the International Olympic Committee. Olympic host cities are chosen several years before the Olympic events begin, so that the city has time to prepare. 

Olympic Host Cities Facts
  • Most of the past Olympic host cities are located in Europe.
  • The United States has hosted the Olympics eight times, which is more than any other country. There have been four Summer Olympics and four Winter
  • Olympics hosted in the United States.
  • Olympics have been held in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. The first Olympics in South America will be held in 2016. No Olympic games have been hosted in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent.
  • Several Olympic Games have been canceled during major wars:
    • Berlin, Summer 1916
    • Tokyo, Summer 1940
    • Tokyo, Winter 1940
    • London, Summer 1944
    • Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy), Winter 1944

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