Monday, 25 July 2016

The Official Store of Olympics and Paralympics Rio 2016

Official Store of Olympics and Paralympics Rio 2016

The Summer Olympic Games are going to start in just few days. They have started up an Official store to buy Products that can be get it from the Rio Olympic and Paralympics Game 2016.

In this Store, Olympic fan can bought up some products like; Mascots, Clothes, Toys, Key chains, Pen, Magnets, Bags, Backpacks, Olympic Torch, etc from their official store.

These all are the authorized products which sold by the official electronic store's website Olympic and Paralympic Rio 2016.

The industries and the Rio 2016 Team has approved some sellers to sell their products on this virtual store. Rio 2016 Brand Licencing Team has adhered those products and It's required to have all quality standards. These products developed under safety regulations and their concerned focus market.

To buy those products then you got to visit their official link which we have mentioned down there.

Buy Rio Olympic Products

This Products cannot be delivered to your home but not for the Brazil's citizens. If you are Living on there then you can able to purchase those things which will be delivered to you home.

We have taken up some screenshot this website so, it will easy for you to know all the things.

1. Mascots:

Mascots are the characters which is an native animal of the area of human figures. It's describes the cultural heirloom of the place where the Olympic and Paralympic Games are taking the place.

Above products have mascot in it. The big fan of Olympic games can get it and knew easily. These products are available for the public. It doesn't mean that you must have a ticket of any event therefore you bought it, Nope. It's not.

2. Fashion(Clothes):

Fashion products are also out there to buy. This can be; cloths, t-shirts, pants, tees, innerwear, underwear, Bikinis, etc.

3. Toys:

These products are also available to buy. The product like; lego, plush toys, balls, football, video games, and some fun toys are out there. 

4. Accessories:

The accessories like magnets, mugs, towels, pens, notebooks, decoration things are out there to be get it from. 

There are lots of products you can get it from this store. Of course, there are other stuffs like; bags, backpacks, olympic torch and yes who's with the team brazil then they can also buy printed logos to support their team.

If anyone wants to buy product then they have to register it on that online store. Choose your products and add to cart it. Go to the payment and billing address option. That's it.

We doesn't prescribed any exact process but it's still the same as other e-commerce websites.

If anyone want some help regarding this store like; how to buy and how this stuff exactly works then they can visit their contact us page to get support from Rio 2016 Team.

We have described all the things which we got it from the our experts. Please keep visiting our blog for more updates.

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