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Rio Olympic Games 2016 - Open Air Sports | Free Entrance Events

Open Air Sports in Rio Olympic Games

An Olympic Fan can also watch Open Air Sports in which they did not required any tickets to participate. This Events are organized in Different locations in Rio Village. These Free Entrance Events will be happen in some well known landmarks in the city. Those cities are prescribed as following...

Rio de Janeiro

Sports Name
Athletics – Marathon
14 and 21 August
Athletics – Race Walk
12 and 19 August
Canoe Sprint
Lagoa Stadium
15 – 20 August
Cycling Road – Road Race
Fort Copacabana
05 – 06 August
Cycling Road – Time Trial
10 August
Marathon Swimming
Fort Copacabana
15 and 16 August
Lagoa Stadium
06 – 13 August
Marina da Glória
05 – 18 August
Fort Copacabana
18 and 20 August
Above is the table in which you can see all the sport games is going to be played out there..! So, You can also visit the official website to know the route of these games.

So here we go..!

These games details and information are mentioned down here. There are total 9 games which you can see this free of cost. You doesn't need to buy any tickets to become the part of these games.

1. Athletics - Marathon

This game will be organized in foamous landmark Sambódromo. It will played for two days. First will be happen in 14 August and second one will be start on the last day of Olympic, it means 21st August 2016.

In this game, there will be more than 200 peoples will play this game. 

2. Athletics – Race Walk

The Race Walk in Athletics has been arranged at very popular place Pontal which is located in Rio De Jeneiro City. It will starts on 12th August and 19th August. These two days are only for Athletics - Race Walk.

3. Canoe Sprint

Canoe Sprint will be consolidated at Lagoa Stadium and this will be conduct continuously from 15th August to 20th August 2016. 

4. Cycling Road – Road Race

The Cycling Race will be conducted on 05th and 06th August 2016. The venue for this event will be at Fort Copacabana.

5. Cycling Road – Time Trial

This is a Time Trial Race in which participant have to complete this in specified time. These event will starts on 10th August and the venue is Pondal.

6. Marathon Swimming

In Marathon Swimming, Participant has to done this on river or some kind of lake or something that as much as to be complete. This Event organized at Fort Copacabana and it will be started to run on 15th and 16th August 2016.

7. Rowing

This event will begin on 06th August to 13th August 2016. The venue for this event will be at Lagoa Stadium.

8. Sailing

In Sailing, the Competitor has to drive a boat or ship do be the winner of this game. its begun on 05th August to 18th August 2016. Venue for this game is Marina da Glória.

9. Triathlon

In this event, participant has to complete three event on the same time. It might be like Cycling, Distance Running or it might be Swimming. This event begins on 18th and 20th August and the venue is Fort Copacabana.

So, these 9 events are free entrance events. there is no need to be paid for it. So, go on and keep vising our blog for more updates.

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