Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Rio 2016 Games - More athletes going into the Olympic Village

Yesterday, there are more 700 guests arrived at the Rio Olympic Village. Brought the so many peoples are arrived up there. It seems around 1,600 guest arrived on Sunday. There is 400 guests are the athletes and the others are the Rio 2016 Team who's came from 115 multiple nations around the world.

To solve outstanding problems, Rio's Staff and contractors are working hard. There are so many athletes posted their photos on social media and expressing happiness in Rio Olympics ahead of Rio's opening ceremony.

The Women football team who's come from the Canada and those all are the gold medalist from London 2012 football world cup game has posted some pictures from the Rio Olympic village.

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Also the Women's hockey team who came from the Dutch are also seen them more happy at Rio Olympic Village. They have taken up a Photo and posted on Instagram. We have posted that photo you can see this one.

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They have also mentioned that "WE ARE HERE..!" on their Instagram photo and status.

The above of the village, Brazil's Olympic medal-winning above basketball amateur Janeth Arcain, batten to the media about the plan getting agitated out to ensure aggregate was in place. The Australian Olympic Committee absitively on Sunday to board their athletes in a auberge until they were annoyed that requested improvements were made, and Arcain said added than 600 peoples were alive harder to bear these.

The Basketball player Janeth Arcain who is the Brazil's Olympic medal-winning former said to the media that the work getting arranged that place just for the assurance. The Australian Olympic Committee cleared out that on sunday to board their athletes in a hotel until they requested that the improvements which made good and they must be satisfied for it. To do this there are around 600 volunteers are working hard to prove this.

"Things are being done very quickly and I am sure that this week all the necessary adjustments will have been completed," she said, adding that workers were checking everything "light-bulb by light-bulb, bathroom by bathroom."

More than 400 Australian athletes are on schedule to move in on Wednesday, including boxer Shelley Watts who posted the following...

Around 400 athletes who came from the Australia are move in Rio Olympic Village on Wednesday. From those the boxer Shelley Watts posted a message:

The boxer and the World Middle Weight Champion Claressa Shields also posted a message on Facebook page that, "I'm here to tell you, me and the Team USA boxing team have been here 5 days with 0 problems!", adding that "Rio is a beautiful place!"

While, the representative for the south African Olympic team said at associated press that they are happy with their place, calling the Apartments "excellent".

Jeroen Hertzberger who is the Dutch Hockey Player take a picture of the Rio Village at Night...

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Australia chef de mission Kitty Chiller said that may all the athletes will be moved into the rio village on Wednesday spoke in a media conference which is at the Main Press Centre in Barra Olympic Park on Monday afternoon.

"It has been a really positive day," she said. "There are a lot of Australians walking around the village with big smiles on their faces, primarily because we have athletes with us, but also because there has been an enormous amount of progress in the last 24 hours."

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