Thursday, 24 March 2016

Equestrian Eventing - Rio Olympic Games 2016

- : Equestrian Jumping - Rio Olympic Games 2016 : -

Olympics :-

Equestrian Eventing is another game played under the 'Equestrian' sport after Dressage and Jumping. The game was very first introduced in Stockholm Olympics 1912 as a part of Summer Olympic Games. The game will be played in Rio Olympics 2016 at Olympic Equestrian StadiumRead More on Equestrian Dressage. Read more on Equestrian Jumping. See Equestrian Eventing results of London Olympics 2012.

About :-

Equestrian Jumping is a form of horse riding sport. Here, the rider has to complete three types of 'horsemanship' i.e. Dressage, Cross country and Jumping. The main aim is to avoid accumulating (of all games) penalties and errors. Here Individual and Team events are played. See Equestrian Eventing results of London Olympics 2012

The game is regulated by International Federation for Equestrian Sports especially when international competitions are played. The game is very much popular in European Countries. But the game is played professionally in USA more frequently than others. See Equestrian Eventing results of London Olympics 2012

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