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Equestrian Dressage - Rio Olympic Games 2016

Equestrian Dressage - Rio Olympic Games 2016 

Olympics :-

The game was very first introduced in Stockholm Olympics – 1912. In Rio Olympics, the game will be played at Olympic Equestrian Centre. The events will be played as Mixed, Individual and team.  Equestrian Dressage - Olympic Game Records Read more about Equestrian Jumping.

About :-

Dressage most commonly translated as "training" is a highly skilled form of riding which performed in competition and exhibition. As ‘Equestrian’ sport defined by the International Equestrian Federation, dressage is to be treated as the highest expression of horse training. Here, horse and rider have to perform in a series of predetermined movements.
Read more about Equestrian Jumping.

Details :-

All riding horses can benefit from use of dressage principles and training techniques. The most popular horse breeds seen at the Olympics and other international FEI competitions are warm-blood horses bred for dressage. For spectators, the game is a beautiful treat to watch as it called the ‘Horse Ballet’. Equestrian Dressage - Olympic Game Records

The aim of the game is, without making any sound; the rider must prompt the horse to perform compulsory movements (such as steps, trots and canters) and freestyle routines choreographed to music, all of which are assessed by judges.

Equestrian Dressage - Olympic Game Records

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