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Canoe Slalom - Rio Olympic Games 2016

Canoe Slalom or Whitewater slalom or kayak slalom is a competitive sport where the aim is to navigate a decked canoe or kayak through a course of hanging gates on river rapids in the fastest time possible.Canoe Slalom racing was started in Europe and the International Canoe Federation (ICF) was formed to govern the sport in the 1940's.

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The first World Championships were held in the year 1949 in Switzerland.From 1949 to 1977, all World Championships were held in Europe. The first World Championship held in North America was held at Jonquière, in Québec, Canada in 1979. It has been a regular Olympic sport since 1992. 

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Slalom canoeing game has made its Olympic debut in 1972 in Augsburg, West Germany. It was not seen again until 1992 Olympics in Seu d'Urgell as part of the Barcelona games. Since then, slalom paddling has been a regular at the Olympics. 

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In international competitions each competitor does two runs in the qualification round, called the "heats"; time of the faster run gives the qualification result. Depending on the number of participants in the game, 10 to 40 boats make it through to the semi-final game; this event consists of one run on a different course. The fastest semi-final boats, make it through to the final game, where they navigate the semi-final event once more. Their ranking within the final group is based on the time of that last run alone by team.

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There are currently 4 Olympic Medal events:

  • C-1 (canoe single) Men's 
  • K-1 (kayak single) Men's
  • K-1 (kayak single) Women's
  • C-2 (canoe double) Men's (to be dropped after 2016 Olympics)
  • C-1 (canoe single) Women's (to be added in 2020 Olympics)

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