Thursday, 17 March 2016

Boxing - Rio Olympic Games 2016

Boxing - The game :-

When we heard the name Boxing, we immediately thought about fighting, punches, cheers, sound of whistles and the ultimate action. Yes, that is a game of power, accuracy and solidarity. Boxing is one of the games to be played in Rio Olympics - 2016. Read more on Boxing - Olympic Games Records.

History :- 

History of the game makes us feel of a spectator of royal games, played in Greece in approx. 7th century B.C. It was the time when the game introduced in ancient Olympics. Initially the game was played by binding soft leather thongs on boxers' hands and forearms as well for protection. Then after a long gap of many centuries, in 1880 the game played as professional amateur form in England. Read more on Boxing - Olympic Games Records.

The game very first introduced in Olympics, 1904. Then except 1912 Olympics, the game has been played in every Olympics. Further in late 80's the rules regarding Boxing set up. The electronic scoring system was introduced in 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The latest update on rules was made in 2007 about standardized scoring. In 2012 London Olympics, Women's Boxing were introduced. Total events played under Boxing are 13. i.e. 10 Men's and 3 Women's Read more on Boxing - Olympic Games Records.

Game at a glance :-

In Olympics Boxing has been played in following categories :-

- : Men's Weight Classes : -

  • Super-Heavyweight :-
  • Heavyweight :- 
  • Light-Heavyweight :- 
  • Middleweight :- 
  • Light-Middleweight :- 
  • Welterweight :- 
  • Light-Welterweight :- 
  • Lightweight :- 
  • Featherweight :- 
  • Bantamweight :- 
  • Flyweight :- 
  • Light-Flyweight :-

Read more on Boxing - Olympic Games Records.

- : Women's Weight Classes : -

  • Middleweight :- 
  • Lightweight :-
  • Flyweight :- 

Read more on Boxing - Olympic Games Records.

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