Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Rio Olympic 2016 Games are coming

The Rio Olympic 2016  Games are coming 

The Olympic Games are coming! For the first time in history, the biggest sporting event on the planet will be staged in Brazil. We are experiencing history in the making and I would like to invite sports fans from all over the globe to come and be part of this journey alongside Brazilians. Now the sale of tickets for the Games is starting. 

With you, this event will be infinitely more exciting and memorable. In this guide you can find all the necessary information for you to become an Olympic Games spectator. We have made fair, translucent and responsible process. The rules of sales were created in such a way as to achieve the largest variety of spectators possible. 

Over 50 per cent of the issue tickets would not cost more than $70, and students, municipal school teachers from Rio de Janeiro, obese, senior citizens, people with an impairment and people with bring to movability has rights to one half price tickets. Just like the journey of an athlete, as I experienced in 1964 during the Tokyo Olympic Games in the inaugural Olympic volleyball competition, the journey of the spectators also includes several steps. 

But again, just like in sports, the end result will be rewarding! Approximately 7.5 million tickets are available for spectators, who will subsequently have the privilege of telling the next generation that they witnessed live - many from their doorstep - the first Olympic Games in South America. 

Take some time to read this guide carefully. It contains valuable information, and the details make all the difference. The Olympic Games are truly a unique, fantastic, historical event. Now it´s here: come join the party!

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